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The Truth About Food Culture in Orange County

The Truth About Food Culture in Orange County

21 years and counting. That’s how long I’ve spent my life here in Southern California, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Many people say that when it comes to the American food culture, we as a community are lacking the roots and traditions that many other countries have. There is, however, great opportunity in living in the United States, and particularly Southern California. Food culture in Orange County has the unique chance to accept foods and traditions from around the globe and give them back to the local community, enhancing the way we eat every day. We have the ability to discover foods from all over the world, hand-made by artisans who take great pride in the products they make.

Vietnamese pho for breakfast? You got it. Italian pasta e fagioli for dinner? That can be arranged. Living in the heart of Orange County, I’ve been able to choose from a wide variety of dishes, and that’s something I’ve always taken as a normal part of everyday life. Recently, however, I’ve realized how lucky I am to have the ability to experience food traditions from these different cultures. My best friend who lives in England told me that her meals are traditionally British, and rarely venture outside the classic sausage rolls and steamed veg. When I introduced her to Orange County, she was blown away by the different options I had every day.  I am able to sample products from Europe to Asia, and this allows me to experience new flavors and traditions without leaving my city. Orange County offers the best textures and flavors for any meal, enhancing the connection between Southern California and the rest of the world.

Credit: TRADE Irvine

Additionally, the online marketplace has only emphasized this way of tasting different foods. With online companies like myPanier, I have been able to select imported specialties including hand crafted pastas made by Italian families, or sweet jams made by French connoisseurs. Online marketplaces encourage the way I grew up eating foods- tasting ingredients from all over the globe at every meal.

Every day, people are moving into Orange County, bringing new ingredients and expanding the food diversity. Ultimately, this brings the community together, allowing people to discuss unique tastes and flavors of foods fresh from countries thousands of miles away. While Orange County may not have one specific cuisine that is it known for, the truth is that it has many. It is a community rich in diverse and authentic ethnic food, continuing to celebrate this custom by welcoming new cultures every single day.

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