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Food Culture

  • What is an Advent Calendar?
    octobre 26, 2022

    What is an Advent Calendar?

    Christmas time is coming, and you do not have your advent calendar yet? What a mistake! This tradition is still famous in France, and you must get one early to be sure to have one! The origin of this tradition...

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  • chocolate truffles
    décembre 14, 2018

    Your Definitive Guide to Truffles

    "So...what even IS a truffle? Is it chocolate? A mushroom? A chocolate-covered mushroom??" You're not alone in being confused about the true definition of a truffle! To clear up some confusion this holiday season, as traditional and chocolate truffles might...

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  • Christmas Dinners in 5 Different Countries
    décembre 7, 2018

    Christmas Dinners in 5 Different Countries

      We all know what the traditional American Christmas Dinner looks like: Glazed ham, green bean casserole, and of course, the classic fruit cake. But wouldn't you like to know how families from around the world celebrate the festive holiday?...

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