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Chocolate chunks on a table

Voici Pourquoi Votre Chocolat Devient Blanc (PS ne le jetez pas !)

Vous êtes en train de déballer votre tablette de chocolat préférée quand tout à coup, surprise ! Il est devenu… blanc ? Lisez ce qui suit pour découvrir pourquoi votre barre de chocolat forme ce film unique et poussiéreux. (Alerte spoiler, c'est toujours bon à manger !)

le chocolat devient blanc blog mypanier

Ce film blanc ne signifie pas que le chocolat est moisi ou a mal tourné. Il ne s'agit en fait que d'un processus scientifique appelé " chocolate bloom " . Il existe deux types de cette fleur : la fleur de sucre et la fleur de graisse .

La floraison du sucre se produit lorsque l'humidité entre en contact avec le chocolat - elle dissout les cristaux de sucre à la surface du chocolat, laissant un aspect blanc et poudreux.

La floraison des graisses se produit en raison de conditions de stockage inappropriées, de changements spectaculaires de température ou d'un processus de tempérage médiocre. Cette floraison donnera au chocolat un aspect poudreux, blanc-gris et laissera la barre douce en texture.

le chocolat mypanier devient blanc conditions d'expédition stockage

Alors que tous les chocolatiers font de leur mieux pour éviter cette floraison, beaucoup n'ont pas beaucoup de contrôle sur les conditions d'expédition une fois que les chocolats sont en route vers les clients. La boîte peut passer la nuit dans l'entrepôt du transporteur où les températures montent et descendent considérablement, provoquant une floraison.

Globalement, il convient de noter que la fleur de chocolat n'est pas nocive pour la santé , hourra ! Vous pouvez continuer à manger votre sucrerie bien méritée. Si le chocolat n'a pas un bon goût, il est tout de même parfait pour cuisiner ou faire du chocolat chaud.

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Kenny - décembre 30, 2022

Thank you so much for this information. I have wasted so much chocolate in the past thinking it had gone bad.

Breezy - décembre 30, 2022

I’ve always been frustrated when seeing this ghostly film on my favorite chocolates. Was just about to cut uo a pear and warm it with a few chocolate caramels. (Saturday night blues medicine!), and there was what I now know is bloom. Can’t imagine why I waited so long to look into this! Chocolate +Caramel+Pear, all melty and warm – best cure! Thanks m!!!!

Carina - décembre 30, 2022

Glad I read this. Was about to return two bars I just bought. If they lack in taste they’ll go in my coffee :)

Natalie - décembre 30, 2022

I had semi sweet chips that had bloomed I wanted to use in cookies. I tossed them in a little
warm melted vegan butter before putting them in my cookie dough, and it worked great.

Og - décembre 30, 2022

I bought a candy bar from the store the other day and noticed a white film at the bottom. I was about to throw it out, but I didn’t wanna waste food so I decided to look it up and I came across this article. I decided to keep it I’m still a little unsure because the store I bought it from was very suspect. Wish me luck.

Tina W. - décembre 30, 2022

Just landed here due to wonderment. Glad I did! Now I know! Thank u for your article.

Donna - décembre 30, 2022

I just saw and I must admit ate, the worst bloom I have ever seen.
I started off with a good quality dark chocolate bar with nuts and orange peel. The Best By date was 11/30/2021. 5 months out, not too bad.
I can only speculate as to what happened. I had the bar in my desk drawer at my office. There may have been a power failure causing the office to get cold then warm or the chocolate may have been damaged in transit somewhere.
It appears that the top half of the bar had melted and then solidified. It exhibited signs of flow (the stampings from the candy molds were obliterated and the top was thinner) as well as showing signs of both fat and sugar bloom. The chocolate was tan-grey and speckled with dark brown (chocolate colored) spots. If I had been at home, I would have put it in the microwave and tried to retemper it.
I was tempted to toss it, but bloomed chocolate is not harmful to eat. It just looks funny.
Then I looked further down the bar. The lower half appeared normal. So I broke off the bloomed part and tasted it.
This was, of course, not the first rate taste experience that I expect from this chocolate manufacturer. It was, however, surprisingly good. The taste was right, but the consistency was off. Too crumbly and the mouth feel was not as smooth as an undamaged bar.
So, to those of you who may think of throwing it away if it has really bloomed, give it a taste. You may find it to be just an unusual treat.

Cheryl - décembre 30, 2022

I’m baking pretzel suckers for the Easter egg hunt at church the day after I had made them they start getting a light brown film on the bunnies that I made is it still OK for me to send this to the Easter egg hunt for the kids to eat

Chris - août 20, 2021

Hi, I just threw out 10 large off my favorite chocolate bars. (300 grams approximately each) they all had that white film on it. I did taste it but was not worth the calories for me. I wish I read what the readers wrote I could have used it in my baking. Thank you all for the good ideas and info.

renee balcom - août 19, 2021

Just wondering if the chocolate chips that have white on them, can they be used in chocolate chip cookies or will the white show through.
I hate to waste them.
I suppose I could melt it and just make chocolate chunk cookies?

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