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4 Achievable (and Yummy!) New Year's Resolutions

4 Achievable (and Yummy!) New Year's Resolutions

Three words: New Year's Resolutions. Our annual lists are stuffed full of hopeful beginnings and promises to change. If you haven't had too much time to think about yours (or are open to suggestions!), we have a few simple New Years Resolutions that anyone can achieve and feel great about!

1. Cook at home more.

Let's face it: this one isn't as easy as it seems every New Year. Grabbing fast food after work can seem way too convenient, and tastier, than cooking at home. However, having your pantry stocked with yummy, healthy, simple foods will get you excited to come home and cook! Here are a few suggestions for simple, healthy, and delicious meals / meal additions:

Sfoglini Pasta - Trumpets, 16oz on myPanier

Rancho Gordo - Midnight Black Bean, 1 lb on myPanier

Karine & Jeff - Organic Split Pea Soup, 16.9 fl. oz on myPanier

2. Keep the environment top-of-mind.

Eating foods that are less harmful for the environment will be as simple as ever in 2019. More and more food producers are making their products with the earth in mind, making it easy to become a mindful consumer. Here are just a few artisans that are keen to the environment (and have delicious products!):

Louisville Vegan Jerky on myPanier

Flying Bird Botanicals on myPanier

3. Learn the stories behind my food.

Every single artisan-made product has a story. Is your jam a 100 year-old family recipe? Did your olive oil travel to you from Europe? Has your hot sauce won any awards? It's worth looking into the background of foods to give producers our time, attention, and gratitude for working so hard on their food missions. Knowing the origins also makes their food taste even better! Here's a great start for this New Year's Resolution:

Big Spoon Roasters on myPanier

Becca's Petites Bouchees on myPanier

4. Indulge a little!

New Year's Resolutions don't all have to be centered around getting healthier or changing bad habits! When setting goals, balance is everything. It's great to vow to live a healthier lifestyle, but cutting out all indulgences at once can be difficult and can make resolutions seem unachievable. Grabbing a little piece of chocolate, a handful of gummies, or some adorable rock candies every now and then can help keep you balanced.

 Raley's Variety Mix Rock Candy, 3oz on myPanier

Maxim's Paris - Assorted Chocolate Squares, 8pc Red & Gold Gift Tin on myPanier


And, last but not least, warmest wishes for a Happy New Year from all of us at myPanier!

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