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Vinagres de Yema

Vinagres de Yema has been producing variety of vinegars with depth and complexity since 1992 from Spain by using the solera aging method and the high-quality Palomino Fino grapes and they hold the highest level of food safety certification.
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    Vinagres de Yema - Pedro Ximenez Wine Vinegar, 500ml

    Vinagres de Yema from Spain

    Vinagres de Yema's rich and dense vinegar made using traditional solera method with high sugar content of the white Spanish grape, Pedro Ximénez. T...

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    Vinagres de Yema - Organic Tierra Vieja Sherry Vinegar, 250ml

    Vinagres de Yema from  Spain

    Vinagres de Yema's light golden color organic vinegar made using Palomino grapes by the traditional method of solera and contains solera that is 5 ...

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