Call Me Caramel - Cheese Caramels with Gruyere AOP and Cheddar, 4oz Boxes (2-Pack)

  • Comes with two 4oz boxes
  • Each box contains 16 individually wrapped caramels

More Details

Each of these bite-size Call Me Caramel Cheese Caramels is infused with flavors that are unique in their own way. Made with Milton Creamery Prairie Breeze Cheddar, the Cheddar Cheese Caramel is slightly sharp and salty whereas the Gruyere AOP is soft, smooth, and creamy.


Cane sugar, cheddar (milk, cultures, salt, enzymes), whole milk, cream, water, light corn syrup (corn syrup, salt), less than 2% of: salt

Cane sugar, heavy cream (heavy cream, skim milk), milk, Gruyere cheese (milk, cultures, rennet), glucose, less than 2% of: salt

Tasting Suggestions

Feature on charcuterie boards alongside cheese, nuts and delicacies. Enjoy with coffee, beer, wine, whiskey. Or simply eat out of the bag!