Amazi - Chili Spiced Plantain Chips, 2.2oz


Amazi dried plantain chips flavored with subtly savory and spicy all-natural ingredients: olive oil, chili and salt. These plantains were organically grown in Uganda and handcrafted in small batches to create a paleo-friendly, wholesome snack with a hearty crunch and no grease!

  • Vegan

More Details

The Process Behind Amazi Plantain Chips

Amazi works with local extension services teams in Uganda to educate and empower farmer groups to operate under organic farming standards.

After the plantains are picked, they are hand-sliced, dried and small-batch roasted by Quality Control and Food Science experts to preserve the inherent nutrients of the fruit while curating bold flavors and the perfect crunch.

Part of the proceeds from Amazi's plantain chips goes towards supporting the growth of farmers cooperatives and small businesses in Uganda.


Plantains, olive oil, chili powder, salt

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