Calivirgin Jalapeno Garlic Olive Oil - 250ml

5.0 star rating 3 Reviews

Calivirgin Jalapeno Garlic olive oil is made with 100% extra virgin California Olive Oil. Fresh jalapenos and garlic cloves are crushed together with the olives at milling.
At first you will taste the savory garlic, then the fiery jalapeño will sneak up on you with a burn that keeps you eating more. This one is not for the faint of heart! Piccante!

Unfiltered, contains NO additives and NO preservatives


  • 2018 Good Food Award Winner
  • 2017 Specialty Food Association SoFi Award Winner - Gold

    Tasting Suggestions:

    • Saute onion with the oil and add the oil when boiling spaghetti for extra flavor
    • Very tasty on Caprese salad with aged balsamic or to dip bread with
    • Versatile use - on eggs, steak, chicken, or grilled vegetables!