Lehigh Biltong Beef Jerky - Secret Spice, 2oz

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Lehigh Biltong is a healthy, traditional South African beef jerky that has been naturally dried by air and seasoned with simple spices.

  • Paleo- & Keto-friendly
  • Gluten-Free
  • No antibiotics, preservatives, nitrates or MSG's
  • Made in Los Angeles, CA
  • Comes in a 2oz bag

Beef, salt, vinegar, black pepper, coriander, celery salt (salt, celery seed), spices (including red pepper and black pepper), paprika

How Biltong is Made:
Lehigh Biltong takes the beef in its steak form and seasons it by hand, before leaving it to dry naturally for 12-18 days. The slow drying process makes the meat taste extra tender, flavorful and fresh.

Biltong vs. Beef Jerky:
Compared to biltong, beef jerky tends to have a rougher texture and is sweeter in taste. Beef jerky is usually dried within a few hours to a few days with a dehydrator or oven, whereas biltong is dried by air.

Lehigh Biltong also has less fat, sodium, and sugar, but more protein than traditional beef jerky.