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Fossier Pink Biscuits of Reims (Biscuits rose de Reims) is a traditional French biscuit with a pink hue, enjoyed with champagne or red win.

Maison Fossier has been the maker of Pink Biscuits from Reims (Biscuit Rose de Reims) for over two centuries! The biscuits were first created by bakers in Reims, a city in the Champagne region of France in 1690. They used the leftover heat after turning off an oven to bake an already-baked bread; hence the origin of the word “bis-cuit”, which means “cooked twice”. The vanila used for flavoring these biscuits gave them black specks so the bakers use carmine (red coloring) to diguise the discoloration. Thus, the famous Pink Biscuits were born!