Organic Durum Wheat Artisan Pasta - Gemelli (Twins) by Baia Pasta, 16oz


Baia Pasta Gemelli (Twins) Organic Durum Wheat Artisan Pasta has a shape authentic to its Southern Italian roots but with an American twist. The durum wheat comes from the Rocky Mountains and the pasta is handcrafted in Northern California. The grain is finely milled and extracted at a higher rate than average to produce a semolina that is richer in nutrients and minerals.Resulting in a deeper and more complex flavor. 

Gemelli meaning 'twins' in Italian, is representative of the pasta's twisted strands that fold in together having an identical appearance. This style of pasta pairs especially well with fresh pesto. 

  • Comes in a 16oz box
  • Al Dente: 9 minutes
  • Handcrafted in Oakland, California

Organic durum wheat, water