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Decadent premium candies for the kid-at-heart, with aesthetic standards.

Candy Club

Decadent premium candies for the kid-at-heart, with aesthetic standards.

The World of Candy Club

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With Candy Club on myPanier.

Candy Club candies are sweet and sour artisan treats in fun shapes and sizes. We offer rotating seasonal selections with a variety of sour creations and chocolate, bite-sized candies.

Fresh and Flavorful Options

Both kids and adults can appreciate the authentic flavor of Candy Club candies with old-fashioned and new creations available. The premium, delicious candies are made in Los Angeles, California, and feature plenty of colors to make it a unique treat to enjoy any time of the year. A variety of gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO options are also available in the collection. The soft, chewy shapes are not only delicious to munch on but are also fun to display at parties and gatherings because of their creative designs and details. The variety of options available each season makes them ideal to put on display in the home to celebrate a holiday or to include in a gift basket. You can choose the size and flavor you prefer whether you want to indulge in a classic treat or try something new.

Quality Packaging

The quality packaging contributes to the appeal of Candy Club candies and makes it an elevated product to enjoy for yourself or give for any type of occasion. Pick the perfect treat to tempt you, coming in a range of 5- to 8-ounce sizes, and the options truly are eye-catching. Gummies, sour belts, and tasty cupcake or cookies 'n cream bites are just some of the options you might not be able to resist.

When you want to show that special person you care or express your gratitude, check out the gift sets. These decorated box sets pair two fun flavors of candy for the sweets lover in your life. Treat yourself or a loved one today with goodies bursting with fruity flavor, like watermelon, cherry, and peach.

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