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Together Against Injustice


myPanier observed #BlackOutTuesday to listen to, and amplify voices of the Black community. Our team used this time to learn about and reflect on what we can do within our own capacity as a specialty food company to take action and stand with Black Lives Matter and against hate.

Our soul relies on four essential core values, two of which have been threatened by systemic discrimination: Fairness and Community. myPanier started from a passion for shining light upon the lives of Food Makers by giving them a platform to proudly show off their craft and get the recognition they deserve for dedicating their time to fill up our plates. Their efforts often go unseen and unappreciated by the mass food distribution chains. These are real people who pour their stories into the soul of the food they make – flavors and textures that echo the steps of the maker’s journey, subtly or boldly. Diversity in backgrounds make Food Makers’ story and product even more unique and vibrant – it gives their food life and character. Being a food entrepreneur is no easy task, yet we recognize that artisans of color face even more hardships in our society.

So what can we do? As myPanier CEO Chris said:

 it's not what we say that matters, it is what we do: and we need to do more. I hereby pledge to onboard more minority-owned businesses. 

Our team pledges to you, food lovers a more diverse assortment of products. We pledge to take our mission of celebrating food makers to the next level by partnering with more minority-owned businesses. We pledge to hold ourselves accountable and will keep on holding our standards high for fair and equal treatment in the Community.  

In uncertain times in the world, food is one commonality we all have and that has the power to bring us together over a shared meal.

The discussion does not stop here. To the black community, all minority groups and allies: your voice matter. Please reach out to and let us know what products from black-owned businesses and other minority groups you would like to see on myPanier.

Take care, stay safe, and spread love. ♡

myPanier Team