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The Circus is in Town! Old-Fashioned Lollipops from Southern France

The Circus is in Town! Old-Fashioned Lollipops from Southern France

One taste of the famous Choupettes and you’ll instantly be filled with sweet nostalgia.

You may be asking yourself, “What is a choupette?” So with that, let us introduce you to the newest addition to the myPanier marketplace.


choupettes la cure gourmande mypanier


For nearly 30 years, La Cure Gourmande has been selling handmande, traditional French sweets and biscuits all over Europe. In the South of France lies the workshop, filled with artisans carefully making each and every product. The team is driven by sharing their passion for making authentic delicacies with the world. With a variety of products like madeleines, callisons, and nougat, there is certainly a sweet treat for everybody.


choupettes la cure gourmande mypanierchoupettes la cure gourmande mypanier


When it comes to the theme of the stores, Export Manager Quentin Ferger describes the concept saying,  “It is a circus, in the poetic sense, charged with feelings and emotional anchors that make beautiful, true stories and genuine products”. The vintage style of La Cure Gourmande is a unique concept in the modern world, but that’s what makes it stand out from all other confectionery shops. Even the smallest bite of madeleine or milk chocolate will instantly take you back to your days of being a child.


choupettes la cure gourmande mypanier


Choupettes are traditional lollipops made with boiled sugar and all-natural flavors. They are gently braided by hand into a unique shape, exclusive to La Cure Gourmande. These colorful candies are far from being your average lollipop- they are a part of French confectionery tradition! Nevertheless, they are ready to make their debut in the United States. Need a Birthday gift for your best friend? Pick up a box! Want to hand out fun party favors? Let us help you impress your guests with Choupettes. Or, maybe you’re getting curious and want to try them out for yourself!

choupettes la cure gourmande mypanier


The unique, cone-shaped design is filled to the brim with eight different flavors including cotton candy, cherry, cola, raspberry, strawberry, chocolate, apple and lemon.


Do you want to be a trendsetter in food culture? Then look no further. Pick up a box of Choupettes HERE and be a part of introducing the little guys to America!

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