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The art of pickling is a big deal 🤓

The art of pickling is a big deal 🤓

Locally handmade here in Orange County, Pernicious Pickling Co. was featured in magazines, such as the Orange Coast Magazine, Food Network and O, The Oprah Magazine!⠀

The secret? Kendra Coggin & Baron Conway use fresh produce and spices local to Costa Mesa, CA. And myPanier foodies can’t get enough of them!

“Yummy!! Crunchy, spicy, and so good!!! I ordered 3 jars and ate them all within 3 weeks.” (Cara.G - string beans) “Just the right amount of spice! Amazing” (Cyndy. L - red onions)

Sour Garlic Pickles • Pickled Carrots🥕 Pickled Red Onions • Spicy Dill Pickles Pickled Red Beets • Bread & Butter Pickles • EXTRA spicy pickles • Pickled String Beans • Pickled Cauliflower, & more on

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