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Psst... Guess what? The #KnowYourArtisan series is back!

Psst... Guess what? The #KnowYourArtisan series is back!

In celebration of #SmallBusinessWeek, we’ll be giving daily shoutouts to some of the artisans who recently joined our online marketplace community.

Married couple Joe and Joyce Malley kickoff the series with their wild caught Tuna family business St. Jude Tuna based in Seattle Starting as corporate fishermen in the 70’s, this sea-loving couple have operated their own fishing vessel named St Jude for the last 18 years More than a ship, St. Jude truly and quickly became their home as they lived aboard for 12 years! They went on to start a family and sell their Albacore Tuna on farmer markets still to this day with their two children. This sea-loving couple is keen to selecting young, low mercury, rich and sustainable tuna for healthier oceans as featured on an article by internationally recognized Greenpeace USA organization.

Keep an eye out for the St Jude navigating the North and South Pacific... Or catch them on our website! #KnowYourArtisan

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