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Meet the Maker - The Founder of Black Bow Sweets

Meet the Maker - The Founder of Black Bow Sweets

Black Bow Sweets makes handcrafted candied almonds, pecans, and walnuts with nuts sourced in the San Joaquin Valley. Each delicious batch is delicately handmade with plenty of love, precision, and all-natural ingredients.

Meet Lisa Wojcik, the Owner of Black Bow Sweets!

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Why candied nuts?

I learned how to make candied pecans when I was just a kid! Every holiday, my mom and I would make them for family, coworkers, teachers, and anyone else close to us. We did this every year and everyone loved them. This didn't stop when I moved out -- every time I would get invited to a party, my friends would ask me to bring some!

Eventually, people started mentioning that they would pay for them if I sold them, which always was on the back of my mind. I had a career and loved what I did, but once I got to my early 30s, I realized I wanted to do something for myself. I began to think about the different types of businesses I could get into. Candied nuts just kept coming back, so I decided to give it a shot! I worked a year and a half on it part-time until I decided to pursue it full-time.

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Describe a typical day-in-the-life for you.

Every single day is different, which I really love. Each day depends entirely on my business and personal needs, so I get to decide how best to spend my time! My mornings involve writing in my gratitude journal, either meditating or going to the gym, and coming into the office. Once there I am answering emails, posting to social media, working with partners, or in the kitchen baking and packing orders. I try to be done with work by 6 or 7pm, but my days are fluid, so I get to reflect on what I need. Sometimes I'll even travel or go to the city.

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What does the word "handcrafted" mean to you?

It means making everything by hand! For me, that starts from sorting through the nuts to make sure every single one is perfect and beautiful before baking. I mix, hand-stir, and hand-package every single order. That's really what I believe turns food-making into a craft - when you're intimately hands-on with it at every single step. At that point it becomes more than just something that's produced.

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What are your goals for Black Bow Sweets?

My ideal in the next 2 years is to make Black Bow Sweets a premiere gifting and boutique industry amenity. I want to cater to people who have mini-bars, refreshment centers, and bodegas in hip, up-and-coming areas. When I started Black Bow Sweets I began with grocery and that wasn't working too well, so I had to take a step back and realize their original intent -- as gifts! The packaging is designed for this purpose and I hope to continue to move into established gifting boutiques.

Black Bow Sweets on myPanier

Check out Lisa's handcrafted candied nuts here and taste their deliciousness for yourself!

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