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Sorry Buzzfeed Bobos Maple Syrup is Not Hipster-myPanier

Sorry Buzzfeed, Bobo's Maple Syrup is Not Hipster

We recently came across two Buzzfeed articles, which featured Bobo's Mountain Sugar as a brand of "hipster" maple syrup. In Guess How Much This Hipster Food Costs and Can You Spot the Most Expensive Hipster Maple Product?, "hipster" had a negative...

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Fika The Swedish Style Coffee Break-myPanier

Fika: The Swedish Style Coffee Break

It’s common in American culture to rejuvenate oneself with multiple cups of coffee throughout a long work day. This type of “coffee break” usually entails a trip to the Keurig machine, a press of a button and instant coffee within...

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What is the Paleo Diet-myPanier

What is the Paleo Diet?

What is the Paleo Diet? The Paleo Diet is a diet that mimics what our Paleolithic ancestors would eat. Homo-Sapiens have spent a MUCH longer time as hunter-gatherers than as farmers. Thus, our bodies are more acclimated to food we...

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Chandeleur-Why Eat Crepes on February 2nd-myPanier

La Chandeleur - Why eat crêpes on February 2nd?

What is La Chandeleur? La Chandeleur (which translates to Candlemas) is a day when French eat crêpes and drink cider. It falls on Feburary 2nd each year, which marks exactly 40 days since Christmas and the midway point between winter and...

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