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European chocolate

What Makes European Chocolate So Special?

            There are few things as decadent as a piece of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. The kind of chocolate that you don’t even have to bite into; it just rests on your tongue and leaves you craving the next nibble. If you have ever had a piece of European chocolate, then you know exactly what this experience is like. While there are plenty of chocolates in America that are tempting and delicious, they are few and far between compared to a piece of European chocolate.

How is Chocolate Made?

While making chocolate may seem like a simple task it is detailed, strategic, and created as one would form a piece of culinary art. Any chocolate you consume is made from fermented cocoa beans and begins production in a five-step process.

The first step is to cultivate the cocoa beans from the inside of a cocoa pod and clean them.

The second step is to roast the beans. (Whether that is in a factory or roasted by the heat of the sun is all dependent on who is making them.)

The third step in making chocolate is to remove the shell around the bean. After the beans have been roasted, the shell on the outside will come off easily and reveal the inner cocoa bean hidden behind it.

The fourth step is to take the cocoa beans and grind them down into a fine powder.

The fifth and final step is to separate the cocoa from the cocoa butter and use the cocoa mass to form it into any chocolate that is desired. (Cocoa butter can also be used in chocolate production.)  

a woman making chocolate hearts

Everything after these steps changes based on the kind of chocolate to be made. Yet, no matter how many steps there are there is no doubt that making chocolate is a labor of love.

Different Kinds of European Chocolate

While Chocolate in the United States is fun, rich, and delightful — Europe has had significantly more time to perfect its chocolate recipes. As for Belgium, Switzerland, and France, they have gone above and beyond perfecting their chocolate to make it a heavenly experience with every bite.

different European chocolates

Belgian Chocolate — Belgian chocolate is made from 100% cocoa butter, and there are no fillers in Belgian chocolate. Traditional Belgian chocolate makers have always used the highest quality cocoa beans in making their chocolate morsels which is why their chocolate is so renowned and famous. Belgian chocolate typically has an even balance of sweet and bitter in its flavor while the texture remains buttery and smooth. 

French Chocolate — If you are a fan of your chocolate more on the bitter side then French chocolate is about to become your best friend. These tantalizing morsels contain a higher content of dark rich cocoa liquor which gives their chocolates a rich taste due to the intense purity of French chocolate. The French are known for their various chocolate truffles that are usually crafted with at least 80% of cocoa liquor, ensuring that with every truffle your taste buds are exploding with flavor. 

Swiss Chocolate — Swiss chocolate is the creamiest chocolate out of the three since it is often made with Alpine milk mixed into the cocoa. These smooth, creamy morsels Have an intense taste and flavor that will make you melt almost as quickly as it melts in your mouth. Swiss chocolate is in high competition with Belgian and French chocolate. So, if you are looking for chocolate that is sweet and silky, then Swiss chocolate should be your choice. 

European Chocolate hazelnuts cinnamon  sticks

    No matter what European chocolate you choose to indulge in, there truly is no way that you can make a wrong choice.

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