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What is Good Food?

What is Good Food?

Today is National Junk Food Day

Yet, you will not read about junk food. Although some of our team loves us some salty fries from a drive-through restaurant like you perhaps, our thing is Good Foods. 

What is Good Food anyway?

It finds its way to the heart. It “can heal the wounds, temper the emotions, and nourish the soul”. If you ask me, I’d tell you Good Food is a warm chocolate croissant from the bakery. Yet I consider the taste of chocolate bar to be good food too, similar the texture of a chewy cookie (notice a chocolate theme here?). Good Food is subjective and your definition of it will differ from that of others. Good Food Foundation sees it as "Tasty, Authentic, and Responsibly-Produced". So how do we pick the assortment that you see on here? What is “Good Food” through the lens of myPanier?

Food goes beyond the simple, yet complex world of texture and taste profiles. From sparking joy to giving you comfort, Good Food is above all - emotional. It is that typical popular classic mustard from another country that reminds you of where you come from. Good Food is that secret ingredient your Nonna used to swear by during your childhood. It is that heartfelt fuzzy warmth you feel when you finally get that chocolate square you have been craving to try after a long day. But, what commonality does it all come down to?

Authenticity. Real food tells its own story. Each ingredient connects the story of the maker to yours. Each bite invites you to travel through time and space, dictating each step of the journey. The maker crafted the food you enjoy in distinctive ways that directly speaks to your sense of smell, sight, taste, touch, and hearing. Being an artisan is an art – touching another soul through a bundle of senses that are connected together through memories. Good meals are ingrained in us - they bring us closer together.

Have you ever wondered why sharing an outdoor summer meal can feel somewhat nostalgic? Hearing the steak sizzling on the barbecue, seeing the smoke coming out as you can smell the seasoning cooking, all while holding a cold drink in your hands might bring you back to memories of the golden days surrounded by friends from another time. Food has the power to change how we feel and perceive the world around us.

If it does that for you, then you know good food.

What is deemed to be good can often be hard to reach. Yet, you shouldn’t have to try so hard to enjoy the little things. So myPanier searches for the hard-to-find, rare gems that speak to your heart and what your palate deserves. Gourmet & Artisan Specialty Foods make up an assortment of Good Foods. Whether it is using the same traditional cooking ways of our ancestors, crafted by a loving dad in his kitchen, or harvested by a multi-generational family in the countryside of Italy, the stories about Good Food has built myPanier community over the last 4 years thanks to authentic foodies like you sharing with us what sparks joy for them. This is Good Food, and we make it our responsibility to share it with you. This is who we are.

What is Good Food to you? Tell us your story in the comments below.

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