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THIS is the Trending Pizza Topping of 2018

THIS is the Trending Pizza Topping of 2018


Pizza. You’ve got your marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, a bit of meat, some veggies and you’re good to go. But this summer, you’re going to need to shake things up. Don’t be left behind, try the new craze that’s revolutionizing the way you eat pizza: Hot Honey.


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We’ve all tasted the wonderful combination of sweet and salty, but now, sweet and…spicy? The careful mix of the sweet and delicate honey infused with bold peppers like Brazilian or Scorpion chilis makes for a unique spin on the classic wildflower drizzle.

Pizza is one of the most popular types of food across America, partially because it can be personalized by the person enjoying it. Because of this personalization aspect, people are constantly looking for ways to one-up each other when it comes to making the best pizza. And hot honey is the trend taking over pizza recipes amongst all pizza lovers. 


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Mike Kurtz from Mike’s Hot Honey is one of the original inventors of this unique combination. In 2003, he was living in Brazil when he first discovered the concept of chili pepper-infused honey. He loved it so much that he brought the idea back with him when he returned to the United States. After careful experiments, he finally created the perfect recipe which soon became the product we know today, Mike’s Hot Honey.


mikes hot honey mypanier pizza trending toppingsPhoto by Alicia Diamond

Mike isn't the only guy in town whipping up batches of this hot new product. In addition, Bee Local is making hot honey and smoked honey sauce! The Bee Local Team joined the Jacobsen Salt Team where they are now committed to producing exceptional honey that is sustainably harvested, never heated, treated, blended, or ultra-filtered. These honeys are the perfect topping for a pizza because the rush of sweet heat helps to balance out the gooey pizza cheese. 


bee local hot honey smoked myPanier shop onlinePhoto by Bee Local

Hot honey is a delicious, sticky, yet decadent way to improve any pizza. The days of siracha, BBQ sauce, and ranch are gone! Why? Because chili-infused wildflower honey is taking the pizza industry by storm, and it is most definitely here to stay.

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Want to jump on the trend and be the first to tell your friends about hot honey? Shop below to get your first bottle before they run out of stock!

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