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The Ultimate Food List for 2019 Super Bowl Sunday

The Ultimate Food List for 2019 Super Bowl Sunday

Maybe you’re a diehard football fanatic, or maybe you’re just there for the delicious food and funny commercials! Regardless, this list of Super Bowl Food is just what you need to watch the Patriots and the Rams face off. From Bourbon barbeque sauce to spicy bar mix, there is a guaranteed win if you choose any of the foods from the Game Day Foods at myPanier!

1. Loaded Nachos

You can’t go wrong when serving up a heaping pile of nachos, especially when it’s topped with the BEST hot sauce in town! Try drizzling on some Habanero Hot Sauce, Jalapeno & Chile Sauce, or even Piri Chili Hot Sauce to add a little kick to your tower of nachos.

Loaded Nachos for Super Bowl Sunday

2. Hot Ham and Cheese Sliders

A classic go-to with sliders has got to be the simple ham and cheese. Want to know how to make it extra special and having guests beg for the recipe? Slather on some roasted garlic aioli or horseradish aioli from Stonewall Kitchen! Deli ham, gooey cheese, it’s the ultimate fan food.

Hot Ham and Cheese Sliders for Super Bowl Sunday

3. Snacks Platter

Don’t feel like making a dish that has to cook for hours? Try loading up a plate with some delicious snacks like cinnamon spiced pecans, spicy bar mix, or even crunchy sweet potato chips! With no cooking and no fuss involved, all you have to do it tear open a bag and pour!

Snacks Platter for Super Bowl Sunday

4. Slow Cooker Barbeque Bourbon Chicken Wings

Buffalo wings, move over! It’s time for a new recipe to shine. Reach for Infinity Sauces Bourbon BBQ Sauce and dump some chicken wings in a large slow cooker for a new take on the classic chicken wings. This recipe will definitely be a favorite amongst your guests.

Slow Cooker Barbeque Bourbon Chicken Wings for Super Bowl Sunday

5. Wasabi Grilled Cheese Bites

Everything is always better when it’s bite-sized, right? A childhood favorite with the flavor turned up with some tangy wasabi mustard is just the item you need for a successful Super Bowl. Make your classic grilled cheeses as you would, but instead, slather on some of this delicious mustard for an adult kick to a kid food!

Wasabi Grilled Cheese Bites for Super Bowl Sunday

6. Loaded Relish Hot Dogs

Hot dogs aren’t just for the ballpark anymore! Keep the classics going by whipping up some hearty hot dogs and freshly toasted buns, topping each with farmhouse relish or mustard pickle relish. With two different versions, what’s not to love?

Loaded Relish Hot Dogs for Super Bowl Sunday

7. Avocado Fries with All-Natural Ketchup

You’ve had French fries, sweet potato fries, now how about… avocado fries? Yes, they are a real thing and they are delicious! Batter up some frozen avocado slices and deep fry them for a crispy, creamy combo that will leave you wondering why you never made them before. Don’t forget to dip them in some wonderful, organic ketchup with flavors like chipotle, spicy, or even jalapeno!

Avocado Fries with All-Natural Ketchup for Super Bowl Sunday

Hungry yet? Check out our entire Game Day Food collection and our Game Day Food Gift Set for more!

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