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It's Easy to Eat Vegan

It's Easy to Eat Vegan

Vegan foods seem to be gaining popularity every single day. In our last blog we detailed some ideas for New Year's Resolutions, one of them being to keep the environment top-of-mind -- and what better way to do this than through exploring some tasty vegan alternatives to your favorite foods?

But...isn't going vegan difficult?

Many foodies find that certain vegan foods are just as tasty (or tastier!), better for the environment, and make them feel stronger and healthier than their alternatives. But here's the catch: they still enjoy foods outside of a vegan diet! 

A huge misconception about intentionally-made vegan foods is that only vegans eat them, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Vegan food makers like Becca's Petites, Unisoy, and Hu Kitchen strive to make delicious, healthy creations fit for every taste.

We've put together a list of some vegan food alternatives that we think are worth a try!

1. Jerky

Louisville Vegan Jerky - Smoky Carolina BBQ, 3oz on myPanier

Unisoy Vegan Jerky - Cracked Black Pepper Flavor, 3.5oz on myPanier

2. Chocolate

Cocoa Parlor - 75% Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate Bar with Cacao Nibs, 80g on myPanier

Hu - Simple Dark Chocolate Bar (Organic, Vegan, Paleo), 2.1oz on myPanier

3. Pasta 

Sfoglini Pasta - Whole Grain Reginetti, 12oz on myPanier

Sfoglini Pasta - Zucca, 16oz on myPanier

4. Snacks

Becca's Petites Bouchees - Paleo Snack Mix Sampler Pack, 4 x 4oz on myPanier

Amazi - Salted Coconut Oil Plantain Chips, 2.2oz on myPanier

 Check out all of our vegan products here!


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