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Father's Day Gift Guide for Food-Loving Dads

Father's Day Gift Guide for Food-Loving Dads

You love your Dad, and you know just how much of a foodie he is. That’s why we curated the perfect gift guide to help you select from the top trending products of 2018. This Father’s Day, shop online and give your food-loving Dad a taste of these goodies.


1. Blended Spice Rub from Rockin' Rubs

This blend is a great accent to any grilled chicken, steak, vegetables, pork, or ribs!  These artisan crafted homemade spices are sure to get your Dad out and grilling this summer.

Mediterranean Blend Rockin' Rubs myPanier Mediterranean Blend Rockin' Rubs myPanier

2. Cherry Wood Chopping Bowl Set

Does your Dad make creamy guacamole or delicious, spicy stir fry? If so, then this is the perfect gift for him! The beautiful style of this cherry bowl makes chopping a breeze and much neater than a traditional cutting board.  

Cherry wood chopping bowl set Cherry wood chopping bowl set


3. Pickled Goodies from Pernicious Pickling

If he’s the next Sandwich King, pick up a jar of these garlic dill pickles for his next creation. Want a unique twist? Have him try the others like pickled beets, carrots, or cauliflower for snacking!

pernicious pickling myPanier pernicious pickling myPanier


4. Quality Clay Cookware from Cook on Clay

Revolutionize his cooking and start his cookware collection with these carefully crafted pieces made in Washington. From skillets to loaf pots, Cook on Clay has an assortment of high quality goods supporting American-made products.

Cook on Clay cookware Cook on Clay cookware 


5. Infused Salt Set from Jacobsen Salt Co.

This salt tasting set is already packaged and ready to gift to your Dad. It includes tasting notes with suggested pairings for each salt as well as a branded wooden vial stand to place on his kitchen counter.

Jacobsen Salt Co. myPanier Jacobsen Salt Co. myPanier



6. Hand-blown Drinking Glasses

Your Dad goes through many bottles. Now, he needs to make sure he chooses the right glass. Artisan Ben Dombey offers a wide selection of glasses, perfect to match any cold drink. You can even get them stamped with an array of symbols.

pint glass hand blown ben dombey pint glass hand blown ben dombey


7. Authentic BBQ Sauce from Lillie's Q

If he’s a grilling enthusiast, then he must give Lillie’s BBQ sauces a try. These unique flavors range from the tangy Carolina to the creamy Ivory. Or, if he’s a traditionalist, pick him up a jar of the Smoky sauce!

lillie's q bbq sauce myPanier


8. Pistachio Wood Mini-Board with Knife

Milled and handcrafted in Northern California, this mini-board is a unique way to add to your Dad’s collection. Each board varies in grain and comes with a vintage French knife sourced from flea markets across France.

pistachio wood mini board la vie rustique


9. Coop's Hot Fudge & Caramel Sauce 

If your Dad is known for his sweet tooth, then he must try these two luscious toppings. Made with only the finest European Chocolate and local dairy ingredients, Coop’s is a great way to end the day and enjoy a little dessert.

coop's hot fudge and caramel sauce myPanier coop's hot fudge and caramel sauce myPanier


10. B. Toffee

Show him just how sweet he is with a box of B. Toffee! Melt-in-your-mouth toffee blends perfectly with the crunchy pecans. Savory and rich, this little box is guaranteed to bring big smiles.

 b. toffee myPanier b. toffee myPanier

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father's day gift box myPanier  father's day gift box myPanierfather's day gift box myPanier  father's day gift box myPanier


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