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Christmas Dinners in 5 Different Countries

Christmas Dinners in 5 Different Countries


We all know what the traditional American Christmas Dinner looks like: Glazed ham, green bean casserole, and of course, the classic fruit cake. But wouldn't you like to know how families from around the world celebrate the festive holiday? Here are five Christmas dinner recipes from around the world!



Le Reveillon is the French Christmas dinner, and it is typically celebrate by enjoying plenty of foie grascaviar, and of course, a Buche de Noel with fresh chestnut cream. If you are looking to add some flare to this year's dinner, pull some inspiration from the French and try out these fine recipes. 

foie gras mypanier rougiecaviar mypanier christmas dinneryule log recipe mypanier chestnut cream



For an Italian-style Christmas dinner, you'll typically find these families enjoying handmade pasta with pork sauce, stuffed olives, artisanal flatbread crackers, or cod topped with aged balsamic vinegar! Alternatively, a traditional wedding vegetable soup is very common using the best lentils and beans

italian wedding bean soup

italian balsamic vinegar aged mypanier

flatbread italian crackers mypanier



For a traditional Spanish Christmas Dinner, try enjoying a mussel and chorizo stew, lamb with Spanish saffron, or even a delicious flourless fig and almond cake! Forget the turkey and mince pies, try some of these unique dishes to add some flare into your evening dinner!

lamb saffron rice mypanier

miguel valentino fig almond cake mypanier

mussels spanish seafood dinner mypanier


For a German Christmas dinner, you'll want to whip up a flavorful potato salad with specialty extra virgin olive oil, some prime rib with fresh herb sauce, and finally, some chocolate covered marzipan. These dishes will have you wishing you ate traditional German food more often! 

prime rib herb sauce mypanier

potato salad mypanier herbs olive oil

mypanier german marzipan chocolate


God Jul! Care for some Swedish Christmas recipes? This year, try to include a potato gratin topped with crispy Swedish onions or smoked salmon with dill and potatoes! Lastly, ginger snap cookies are typically served after the meal has finished! 

lars own crispy onions and gratin

lars own ginger snaps mypanier

mypanier potato salmon swedish


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Harold Burton - August 19, 2021

Wow! Great recipe for grilled chicken. It was juicy and tender. I used the chicken this time to make chicken pesto sandwiches and will used the leftovers on my salad for lunch tomorrow. Thanks for the great recipe!
Harold Burton

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