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5 Orange County Businesses Making Food Right Near You!

5 Orange County Businesses Making Food Right Near You!

It's rare that we stop and scan the packaging for where our food was made before tossing it in to our shopping cart. But why should we care where our food comes from in the first place? Your local artisans are making food that is fresh, which enhances the taste because it doesn't have to endure the long transportation process. Here are 5 companies with artisans making delicious, fresh food right here in Orange County!

1. B. Toffee 

B. Toffee Newport Beach myPanier

B. Toffee Newport Beach myPanier

Founded in Newport Beach, California, B. Toffee specializes in premium toffee squares by combining savory butters, fine domestic sugars, exceptional chocolates and superior pecans. Owner Betsy Thagard guarantees that her toffee will warm the heart and serve as the perfect gift for a loved one... or for yourself! 


2. Pernicious Pickling Co.

Pernicious Pickling myPanier

Pernicious Pickling myPanier

“Pickles ain’t just for Sandwiches!” Pernicious Pickling Co.’s family of products use the freshest vegetables, a range of different brines, and sophisticated combinations of spices to ensure that each product delivers flavors that are bold, balanced, and as delectable straight out of the jar as they are in the food and drinks we love.

In 2013 Kendra and Baron established their business in Costa Mesa, and shortly after were honored with countless rewards and featured in some of the best artisanal tasting boxes. Now, they are continuing to share their delicious jars with customers locally, and nationwide.


3. Laguna Salt Co. 

Laguna Salt Co. myPanier

Laguna Salt Co. myPanier

Laguna Salt Co. was founded with quality in mind. They aim to inspire people to cook, eat, and live well. The team has done all the hard work, embarking on a journey to discover and handcraft infused, all-natural sea salts. There are many delicious flavors to choose from like ghosted garlic, tuscan rosemary, and even lavender!


4. Massey Honey Co.

Massey Honey Co myPanier Orange County food

Massey Honey Co myPanier Orange County food


Massey Honey Co. began with a few privately kept hives in the hilly region of northern Orange County. The endeavor grew as the family began to rescue hives from public parks and horse trails. They cultivate and source untreated, unheated, all natural, raw honey. The honey is taken directly from the hive, extracted by hand from the comb, and strained into its raw form—retaining its countless nutritional benefits, not to mention its individuality of flavor and texture. 


5. Rockin' Rubs

Rockin Rubs myPanier Deborah

Rockin Rubs meat grilling rub Debra Orange County

Debra Bonnefin has spent years handcrafting the perfect blend of herbs and spices into what is Rockin' Rubs today. Her products are made with the finest and freshest ingredients she can find. For example - many of the products have ground chili pepper in them - she purchases the chili from a wholesaler who only purchases high quality peppers. They are so fresh they're almost moist! Made in Costa Mesa, Debra is well known for her quality ingredients. 



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Walter Smith - September 21, 2018

Welcome to the new treats and their engaging descriptions!

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