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Mother's Day Gift

5 Heartfelt Mother's Day Gift Ideas

5 Heartfelt Mothers Day Gift Ideas on myPanier

Mother’s Day is almost here, and the frantic gift shopping begins. It can be difficult to find the perfect gift to show thanks to your mother but no need to worry, we created a list to help you out! From artisanal chocolate truffles to a full day of spa treatment, there are endless ideas to make Mother’s Day special. Check out our 5 Heartfelt Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to make their day the best one yet.

French Macarons

Nothing beats the classic sweet-tooth gifts, especially when it comes to French Macarons. The perfect mixture of beautiful aesthetics and a delicious taste, macarons are a great idea to give to those who have a craving for sweets. Luckily enough, we curated pre-sorted gift boxes of macarons with different flavors to help you out.

5 Heartfely Mother's Day Gift Ideas on myPanier - Macarons

Chocolate Love

Speaking of sweets, chocolates is the classic gift idea to give on Mother’s Day. Nothing says I love you than a delight of chocolate truffle bar to gift your Mother. From milk chocolate to dark chocolate with Himalayan Salt, there’s a variety of chocolates to show your love in the best form this Mother's day. 

Spa Day

A day filled of pampering and relaxation is another great idea to spoil your mom. The chance to unwind and enjoy a massage is hard to beat for a Mother’s Day present. Top off your present with not only a spa day but also a Spa Bath gift set! She can have a day to herself at home and at the spa.

Spice Pack

Besides sweet confections, adding a little spice to your Mother’s Day gift is a great idea! For the mothers who enjoy adding hot flavor to their delicious dishes, gift them an assorted spice pack. The best gifts are not always the ones with sweet eateries but the ones that add a kick to good ol’ home made food.

Classic Calissons

The most popular and highly demanded sweet, Calissons, are nothing short of delicate shaped almonds of joy. Coated with a smooth royal icing and the soft mixture of candied fruits is a real winner to any mother’s heart.

Mother’s Day Gift Edition

Need more gift ideas? Not to worry, we curated the perfect list of gift ideas to give on Mother’s Day. To check out what else we have in-store, click here and look through our wide variety of gifts.

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