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10 Unique Food Gifts & Sets from Around the World

10 Unique Food Gifts & Sets from Around the World

Tired of gifting the same old, big brand cookies every year? Are you looking for a unique gift guaranteed to impress your food-loving friends?


Well, look no further! myPanier has curated an exclusive Gift Guide just for you filled with 10 delicious handcrafted foods and sets from all over the world! If you don't have much time to shop this year, we've got great gifts ready to go at the click of a button!



1. Top Selling Pantry Gift Set

Unsure as to what to get for your friends who know all things food-related? We've got you covered. Pick up this beautiful basket filled with some of our top selling pantry products! From delicious New York pasta to garlic infused extra virgin olive oil, you can't go wrong with this pick. 


myPanier pasta Sfoglini pesto

 myPanier top selling gift set

Rockin Rubs Spice Rub myPanier




2. Artisanal Chocolate Truffles

Need a new chocolate in your life to fall in love with? How about these rich and creamy chocolate truffles that are handmade and delicately wrapped? Milène Jardine Chocolatier creates high quality, artisanal chocolates made locally in a commercial New York City kitchen. Each flavor tells a story and takes you on a journey to a different continent to experience a new flavor in life. The styling embodies a modern elegance with each truffle made to harmonize a graceful release of flavor and texture, wrapped in simple yet sophisticated packaging.


Milene Jardine Chocolate Truffles myPanier

milene chocolate truffles mypanier

3. For the Tea Lovers 

Know someone who can't seem to ever get enough tea? This Tea Time Gift Set features an assortment of gourmet green and herbal teas from true artisans that any tea lovers will enjoy! Whether they like matcha or earthy flavors, this set is sure to cover all tea needs. 

Herbal Teas myPanier gift set

myPanier gift set tea

4. Gourmet France & Italy Gift Set

Know a traveler? Send them off for a trip to Europe... without having to leave their kitchen! This Italian gift comes with an assortment of authentic pasta sauce, mixed olives, balsamic vinegar and egg pasta made in Italy! Feeling French? The French set comes with an assortment of Calissons, herbs of Provence, aioli sauce, gourmet extra virgin olive oil, and almond cake - all made in France!



Calissons myPanier French

France Gift Set myPanier

Italian pasta myPanier

Italian Food Gift set myPanier

5. For the Chocolate Lovers 

This gift set is for anybody who can't seem to ever eat enough chocolate. These products aren't your average candy bars, however. These chocolates and cookies are some of the finest in the world with goodies like Milk Chocolate Praline and Pure Butter Chocolate Waffle Cookies! 

Hu Kitchen chocolate myPanier

Chocolate gift set myPanier

Grey ghost bakery espresso chocolate cookie myPanier

6. Women-Owned Gift Set

This gift set is dedicated to our hardworking female artisans! All the products in this gift set come from the work of empowered women who turned their dreams in to reality. Support some of our best artisans by giving your friends some of the tastiest cookies, coffee, and snacks!


Copper Cow Coffee Debbie myPanier

Women owned gift set myPanier

Unna Bakery cookies myPanier



7. Sick Day Gift Set

We all have that one friend who seems to always be sick no matter what season. So why not help them out a bit with this warming gift set with plenty of soothing home remedies? Ingredients such as turmeric, comfort teas, honey sticks, and ginger cookies will help strengthen the immune system!

flying bird botanicals tea myPanier

sick day remedy tea myPanier

bee local honey myPanier sticks


8. 100 Year-Old Balsamic Vinegar from Modena

Need a rare gift that will really make someone feel special? All the way from Italy is one of the oldest balsamic vinegars in the world. Made with all natural ingredients, the vinegar has been aged in oak barrels in Modena for 100 years! It is beautifully presented in a gold gift box with a modern Italian design, perfect for gifting!


Mussini Balsamic Vinegar 100 Years old myPanier

Mussini Balsamic Vinegar 100 years old myPanier



9. California Local Gift Set

Support your neighborhood artisans by purchasing this gift set filled to the brim with some of the best locally made products from sunny, Southern California! These fresh goodies are made just miles away with a delicious assortment of unique specialty food like wildflower honey, olive oil, and organic dark chocolate!



shorty extra virgin olive oil myPanier


California gift set myPanier local food

myPanier pernicious pickling local southern california



10. For the Vegans & Vegetarians 

And lastly, for our animal-loving friends, we have the ultimate vegan gift box set! This box is filled to the brim with our top-selling mix of artisan foods that comply with a vegan, dairy-free diet to fulfill a sugar-craving and savory-loving palate. No need to worry about those who have dietary restrictions, we've got them all covered! 



becca's petites bouchees snack myPanier vegan

  myPanier top selling vegan gift

Louisville vegan jerky myPanier





There's more where that came from!




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