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As the holidays approach, some of us may be scrambling to find the perfect gift for our friends. What we love most about our friends is how unique each of them is and how their varying personalities bring tremendous joy into our lives. Thus, the most thoughtful gifts we can give them are really the ones that remind us of them. At myPanier, we offer a wide selection of artisan food products from different regions of the world and for all kinds of dietary requirements. Our passionate producers handmake each product with love and care so they’re truly one of a kind and something any friend would love to receive.

To make your Christmas shopping easier, we have picked out artisan food gifts suitable for every type of friend in your life.

1. The Traveler

There’s no cure for wanderlust, but a gift from across the globe may help relieve some travel withdrawals this cold season.

It is hard not to reminisce about Italy’s iconic architecture and remarkable art pieces. Let’s not forget about their exquisite cuisine — gnocchi, squid ink spaghetti, shrimp scampi with linguine. When we talk about authentic Italian pasta, Pastificio dei Campi is the name. All their pastas are made in Gragnano, a commune in Naples, Italy. To be called Pasta di Gragnano, the pasta must also be made from purely Italian durum wheat and local mineral rich water. The dough is then shaped with bronze dies and dried at a low temperature that mirrors the ancient practice of drying pasta under the sun. The result is a high quality product that clings onto sauce better than its mass-produced counterparts.

pastificio dei campi-pennoni-mypanier

Pennoni – Pasta di Gragnano, 500g

Our marketplace has 9 different kinds of Pastificio pasta, from short-cut to long-cut. We have classic ones like Penne and ones you’ve never seen or heard of, like Campotti. Whichever one you choose to gift your friends, remind them to save the starchy pasta water! It becomes a natural thickener when added to sauce, making the dish as dreamy as a trip to Italy itself!

pastificio dei campi-gnocchi sardi-mypanier

Gnocchi Sardi – Pasta di Gragnano, 500g

2. The Busy Bee

The right spices can transform a meal by adding a whole range of flavors. With Zen of Slow Cooking’s Spice Blends, even the busiest friend can cook dinners from scratch and have time to enjoy them too! Each pouch contains 2 spice packets and a shopping list and easy-to-follow instructions on the back. There are suggestions for side dishes and wine pairings for every recipe too!

zen of slow cooking-coq au vin spice blend-mypanier

Coq au Vin Spice Blend

If your friend wants to make a mean chicken tortilla soup, Zen has a Southwest Fiesta Spice Blend that packs a bold, fruity flavor. Their Daube Provençale Spice Blend has rosemary and other herbs that gives a twist of orange to gently cooked beef stew simmered in red wine. The preparation time for each recipe is only 15 minutes or less and the rest is on the slow-cooker. Meanwhile, your friend can go run errands and come back to a hearty, homemade meal.

zen of slow cooking-indian dal spice blend-mypanier

Indian Dal Spice Blend


3. The Sweet Tooth

The holiday spirit has a magical way of making us feel like a kid again. Your sweet-loving friend will experience the same happiness when she takes a bite of Pandora Bell‘s delectable confectionary.

pandora bell-smoked sweet liquorice-mypanier

Smoked Sweet Liquorice, 120g

All their liquorice are made with premium Persian Liquorice Root and have been a food infatuation among Nordic countries for centuries. There are 3 different flavors of liquorice, from sweet to salty, to satisfy palates of all ages. When your friends open a bag of Pandora Bell’s Real Fruit Jellies, their eyes will light up at its assortment of flavors: strawberries, apricots, lemons, raspberries, and pears. The quality of these old-fashioned candies are certainly not like the ones your friends will find in their neighborhood convenience stores.

4. The Explorer

With friends who love trying new things, they will appreciate the complexity of Maffren‘s Calissons. It was said that this French specialty helped King René d’Anjou appeased his Queen-to-be, Jeanne de Laval, and even made her smile upon tasting!

Maffren-Calissons Box-myPanier (6)

Calissons French Candy Box, 7.76oz

These almond-shaped candies are cover with smooth royal icing. The centers contain pale yellow pastes made with orange and melon zest and ground almonds. The candies are then rested on thin, layers of wafer paper. Your friends may be intrigued by the appearance of fruity, floral, and nutty flavors within each bite. Their curiosity will of course tempt them to take another one…

5. The Party Host/Hostess

When your friend is busy preparing the food and entertaining everyone else, he or she may forget about the drinks! The Real Dill‘s Blood Mary Mix is the answer to your friend’s problem. They are 100% ready to drink as-is or with tequila, gin, beer, and vodka.

the real dill-bloody mary mix with ingredients-mypanier

Bloody Mary Mix, 32 oz

These spicy mixes contain no preservatives and are made with 9 simple ingredients anyone can pronounce. Your friend can adjust its heat level by adding hot sauce or diluting with tomato sauce. Each jar makes 4-8 Bloody Marys and an endless supply of good times.


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