What is myPanier

What is myPanier?

myPanier is all about the authenticity and integrity of your local village market combined with the global reach of the internet. It is a single market place supplied by local manufacturers, except that with local we really mean global, because our curated list of suppliers are sourced from all across the globe. They are artisans and masters of their trade – honest people whose greatest desire is to create products that resemble the best they can achieve, and in the process uplift their communities.

myPanier is a deliberate move away from the mass-produced, poor quality products that consumers have been forced to accept. It’s the connection between consumers seeking quality and local producers seeking fair representation of their lovely produce. It’s a return to old fashioned values and true artistry, and it’s about time.

What we stand for?

We believe in an approach to link local producers directly to consumers anywhere in the world through a platform that is built on:

  • Fairness: Fair price to both producer and consumer
  • Transparency: No hidden costs: Small producers set the price
  • Authenticity: Small scale authentic non perishable products
  • Community: Connect the producers of local and regional high quality products with consumers worldwide via an easy-to-use, inspiring platform

Why we matter?

Efforts to promote products from small producers have largely been locally focused. myPanier focuses on ensuring that small producers can reach their customers directly and charge a fair price for their produce. On the other hand, customers can get to know the producers more intimately and obtain authentic products from their producers. Beyond, the product myPanier connects the consumer to the producer through real life experiences.

So it’s about products with integrity and soul. It’s about communities that are changed for the better because of the global reach their local producers suddenly have. It’s producers that love their work more than they are necessarily business savvy – good, salt of the earth kind of people that make products ‘the right way’. People who don’t chase volume but quality, and above all, relationships they make with their consumers. It’s a place for the little guy that produces with integrity, and for the consumer who is tired of the one size fits all offers on the shelf. In short, its about you!