Consumers have never been duped as much about their food quality as they have been in recent years – and they have never been as vigilant about finding out where their food truly comes from as in recent years. Honey is one such a food item – it still requires manual labor to extract it, and it’s still a very time consuming process. Which means that it’s a pricey product. Many producers nowadays do not shy away from diluting honey with sugar syrup, or even importing poor quality honey and brazenly re-bottling that and selling it at a premium price. When it comes to honey, we cannot put too fine a point on being familiar with the origin of the honey you purchase.



Luckily there are still some brands that truly value quality over profit. One such a brand is Augier, a small family run, 4th generation honey producer in Provence. Here are six reasons why their honey is some of the best honey your money can buy:

  1.  They have longstanding relationships with all their suppliers – anything between 10 and 30 years – to ensure that they only bottle the very best honey available.
  2. Their honey is certified by reliable external agencies (Red Label and Ecocert for Organic Ranges).
  3. Their honey is bottled under consistently perfect conditions.
  4. When they flavor their honey, it is done so with the real deal (think lavender grown in Provence), not with synthetic flavorings
  5. Augier Miel is not heat-treated so all the natural nutrients that make honey such a powerfood, is still intact inside.
  6. It pretty much tastes unlike any other honey you’ll ever have the privilege of enjoying – they’ve won a taste award in 1935 already for their exquisite Lavender infused honey.




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