Thanksgiving is the time of the year when family and friends sit around the table and celebrate their blessings with a hearty meal. Amidst the laughter and cheer, you can’t help but wonder, how will you pull off cooking a giant bird, side dishes, and still remember to put the stuffing? Let myPanier be your guide! We have picked out some artisan kitchen staples that you should try this holiday to ensure that you’ll spend more time mingling with guests and less time worrying about how your food turns out.

1. Olive Oil


Maison Brozini – Olive Oil Extra Virgin with Herbs, 500ml

Maison Brozini’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the perfect oil to prepare your big dinner with. Its Cuvee des Garrigues line is made with cold-pressed olives, kneaded with thyme and rosemary from Provence, a province in southeastern France. A bottle of this premium staple goes a long way. Combined with vinegar or lemon juice, this EVOO will dress up any spring mix with minimal effort. Instead of rubbing your turkey with butter, use this herb-infused oil to give the meat an evenly seasoned care. To make garlic bread, brush a copious amount of olive oil mixed with finely-chopped garlic on slices of French baguettes. The aromatic collection of thyme and rosemary will reach the nose of your guests before you even bring these dishes out of the kitchen!

2. Rice Grits


Delta Blues Rice – Rice Grits, 1lb

Mashed potatoes are too boring to make for Thanksgiving again. Give that standard side dish the attention it deserves by replacing it with some luscious rice grits. Rice grits are broken pieces of rice that give off a creamy, risotto-like texture when cooked. Delta Blue’s Rice Grits are the quality homegrown rice you need to enhance your home-cooking. The Arant brothers are masters of their craft when it comes to milling rice; their Mississippi farm has been operated by family members for generations. From their experience, having one variety of rice preserves the consistency of the flavor. The nuttiness and natural sweetness of Delta Blue’s rice makes it a worthy substitute for Thanksgiving dinners.

3. Pasta

Pasitificio dei Campi – Tortiglioni pasta, 500g

There are so many types of pastas out there, but we bet you haven’t tasted anything like Pastificio dei Campi’s Tortiglioni yet! Unlike their mass-produced counterparts, all of Pastificio dei Campi’s pastas are made with superior durum wheat sourced from one supplier in southern Italy. When boiled, the pastas will shed off some of their starchy residues into the water, which serves as a natural thickener when added to sauces. The cork-screw shape of Tortiglioni makes it easy to trap meat or vegetables along its grooves and versatile to use for classic casseroles or cold salads.

4. Fruit Jam


Bonnie’s Jam – Apricot Orange Jam, 8.75oz

There are very few staples you can find in your pantry that can fit in both your savory recipes and your sweet ones. Bonnie’s Apricot Orange Jam may just be your savior onThanksgiving Day. Made with fresh lemon juice, sweet apricots and freshly-ripened Valencia oranges grown near her Californian home, this jam adds vibrancy to any main course or dessert. Surprise your guests when you tell them the same jam that was used to glaze the turkey is the same dollop they can find on their butter thumbprint cookies.

5. Bread


Soberdough – Roasted Garlic Brew Bread Mix, 16 oz

Have an extra can or bottle of beer lying around? Add that into one of Soberdough’s mix and you got yourself a loaf of Roasted Garlic Bread. Many homemade recipes bread recipes claim to be simple to follow, but none can surpass the easiness of Soberdough’s bread beer mix and give a taste as rewarding as this. Soak the bread in stock and add some nuts, sausages, vegetables and fruits to re-bake it into a stuffing. With all the extra time on your hands, you really can’t forget the stuffing now!


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